Owner, Master Educator, Clawz Master, Stylist & Colorist

photo of Lovola, Owner, Master Educator, Clawz Master, Stylist & Colorist Lovola
Hair Theatre Salon
2951 Dougherty Ferry Rd. Suite 105
St. Louis, MO, 63122 USA

Hair Theatre Salon Owner Lovola Nguyen sleeps, eats, and breathes hair. Many would say she was
born to be a hair stylist. As a child hair protégé, she never thought of pursuing anything else. Lovola is
all about the hair in more ways than one- it is her life and salon motto. It’s even on the front door of the
salon! Lovola has enjoyed a career in the hair industry for more than 43 years and is just as excited to
be working now as she was in the beginning. She feels blessed to have been mentored for 15 of those
years by World Champion Sal Vitale in Saint Louis, while on her road to to becoming a platform Artist
and Educator. She has also served as Artistic Director of the Energy Team for Helene Curtis National
and International, as well has worked on stage for Wahl Clipper and Matrix. Her work also extends to
print: Lovola was published in “American Salon” magazine for creating the Camouflage Perm
Technique. Additionally, she created the Two-Hand Freestyle Clipper Cutting Technique for Wahl
Clipper. Platform artists use this very technique on stage today to create exciting textured haircuts.
Currently, she is the Master Educator and Educational Director of the the Clawz Academy created by
World Champion Valentino Losauro.  Beyond all of her accreditations and titles, Lovola  feels most
blessed to collaborate with the exceptional stylists who have embraced the beauty industry culture and
work at Hair Theatre Salon. Her fellow stylists and employees cannot say enough about the salon
environment Lovola has established. Providing ongoing education al opportunities on all levels has
increased her team’s ability to better serve their guests at the highest levels. She has carefully selected
and helped train a group of stylists with a collect ive mission to continue to grow, which has garnered a
loyal clientele. Hair Theatre guests always enjoy an atmosphere that caters to their needs. Lovola and
the rest of the team work to assure that each guest knows that they are truly being heard, so that’s why
she established a built-in consultation system for all services. Knowing that her salon caters to multiple
generations, Lovola also takes pride having assembled a team that provides not only tried and true
services but also the latest techniques and trends. Needless to say, Lovola puts her heart and soul in
supporting her team and enabling her clients to feel confident, but her time and attention isn’t  relegated
to just her salon. She has a strong passion for bettering the planet, veganism, supporting causes that
work to stop animal abuse, and attending meditation retreats. Ensuring that people are happier after
spending time with Lovola, versus how they felt beforehand, is a driving force in all aspects of her life.